Almost done with February: Joys and struggles

February is on its way out. Yay, to be honest. It was one busy, crazy month, and final couple of days will be no different. We had a snowstorm this week, it wasn’t bad, but I can’t wait for spring.

Despite being very busy I managed to do most of my preferred art exercises this week. Let’ take a look:

I managed to do every prompt from doodlewash challenge. Most I am delighted with, the only truly embarrassing one is an attempt at a portrait, but everybody knows I am no portraitist (at least for now)



I did a couple more watercolors first was an illustration for 52  weeks illustration challenge



Another was a quick on location sketch done in a garden


Only 1 marker drawing this week, but I am so pleased with this. I drew along with a webinar and it was so much fun to draw this starling



I did a papercut. It was rough, since I fell out of practice during this 2 weeks hiatus.It was a major setback and although I liked the design I came up with, I am not showing it, hoping to rework it next week.

I haven’t done any digital work this week, hopefully will next week.

Soft Pastels:

I drew a seascape for the instagram group challenge, I love drawing sea so much, it calms me down and I get to daydream a lot 😀


My second pastel drawing this week was inspired by Studio Ghibli movies’ backgrounds, his movies have the best meadows and gardens. I also thought a gazebo in Denver Botanic Gardens, which is one of my favorite spots there.


My inspiration this week also came from a trip to Terry Ludwig’s pastel store. I picked up some colors for my spring drawings and it was so much fun to look at all the lovely pastels and colors. I hope to return for a tour with kids sometimes soon



Drawing from life with colored pencils was tough this week as well. Natalie Ratkovski gave “hands and rings” as the theme, and, although I watched an online lesson, I had such a hard time and finally was able to complete the drawing on the third try. I often hear an advice to draw hands as much as possible, and never follow it and today was the payback for that 😀


No matter what I couldn’t get the proportions or shape right, so I ended up drawing simple shapes on my actual hand , which helped a little

Ah, I suffered so much, but when I looked at one of my old drawings, about a year and a half back I was glad to see there was some progress made. I think I will make a point of drawing hands once in a while after all, feet too



I did a perspective study, and once again felt what difference a regular practice makes, I will try not to miss any more



Embroidery! I enjoy it more and more, I did it for over 21 days and I am so looking forward to making it to 100, and then 300 and in the end completing the whole year. My stitched garden grows every day


And last, but not least, my illustrated journal, which I managed to keep with a varied degree of success this week. 5e14f18e-bc9f-48b8-b31a-03c1e0678f41

In a couple of days I will share my favorites from the month of February and talk about my art plans for March.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



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