Hi, and welcome to my blog!



My name is Anya and I am a Colorado-based freelance artist. You might have met me through my instagram  @greenrainart.

I am an artist working with a variety of media, including, but not limited to soft pastels, watercolor, markers and colored pencils. I am also fond of sketching on my iPad Pro,  as well as collaging with handmade paper. I am currently producing and selling cards with my art in local coffee shops, as well as in my Etsy shop. A variety of products with my art is also available on Society6.

My artistic journey hasn’t been very long, but it is very exciting with new discoveries  every day.  I was a kid that liked to draw and went on to not paying it much attention, graduating with a BA in French. But the urge to draw was always there, manifesting in collecting beautifully illustrated children’s books, fabric with interesting designs and various lovely objects. Over two years ago my desire to draw resurfaced and compelled me to do a series of drawing challenges with daily practices spanning 21, then 100, then 300 days. I haven’t stopped since. My artistic education does not come from an Art School, it is  rather a never-ending learning process. I try to take every opportunity to learn more about art and illustration, currently participating in my 3rd Make Art That Sells class and first Folio Focus intensive, with a few more learning experiences lined up in the future.

I work for the most part in my home studio.

Why Green Rain Art?

I am a believer in signs and happy coincidences. The name of my art passion is one of “things came together so well” cases. Due to my full name including a hard-to-spell-how-do-you-pronounce-it-heck-I’ll-mess-it-up-anyway last name (yes, even back home across the pond it was a problem) , I haven’t even considered making it an official name for my art adventure. So I needed another. It so happened that just right around  the time I was starting to “draw forever,” I came across Makoto Shinkai’s “The Garden of Words” animated film. I was absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of the story and animation. The soundtrack by Kaishiwa Daisuke is called “Greenery Rain” and is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever heard. At the same time (and maybe this is why it resonated with me so much) it rained a lot in our part of the world. We had this gigantic, wild bush next to our front door. It was so abundantly green and covered in rain drops.

DSC_1062I couldn’t possibly pick a name other than Green Rain Art. I still find comfort in rain and all the things green (even though the bush is long gone , ugh the HOA).