Catch up post: December 2017

First of all very belated Happy New Year everyone! I just realized that I never updated my blog in all holiday season craziness. Wow, better late than never, I guess, so here goes a quick round up and plans for 2018   In December I participated in Advent illustration challenge with prompts created my Shannon … Continue reading Catch up post: December 2017

Almost done with February: Joys and struggles

February is on its way out. Yay, to be honest. It was one busy, crazy month, and final couple of days will be no different. We had a snowstorm this week, it wasn't bad, but I can't wait for spring. Despite being very busy I managed to do most of my preferred art exercises this … Continue reading Almost done with February: Joys and struggles

October Art

October just flew by. I got a little overambitious and took up so many art projects, it was starting to stress me out a little, but most of them were successfully completed and I learned a lot from them. First of all I wanted to share some October beauty, which was such an inspiration for … Continue reading October Art