I was dreaming of my studio ever since I realized that my drawing adventure becomes more than just a hobby. I was mostly drawing at my kitchen island, with kids and pets underfoot, piles of other paperwork around me, noise and distraction was overwhelming. How I wished I had a corner just for myself to withdraw to, learn something new, to meditate even. And at last I made it happen. While I still don’t have an extra room, nevermind the one overlooking a garden which would be ideal, I found the last 60 inches in my bedroom is all it really takes to make a studio as close to my dream as it can possibly be.

One other disadvantage of my kitchen island was a mediocre light in the afternoon and downright terrible in the evening. The bedroom has a large window and skylights!

The “before” picture, right before the transfomation, boring and rather ugly


After minor adjustments the result :


Taking advantage of the last remaining 6o inches in my bedroom

The furniture doesn’t match because I share this space with my husband’s mini-office and changing the whole thing (and possibly bed and dresser) wasn’t financially possible. The little white table used to be my office which I never ever used. I wanted a table as high as my kitchen island as I found that a higher table and a bar stool are more comfortable for my back than a chair. So I purchased legs and a tabletop, as well as bar stool from Ikea and voila! It’s 59 inches so it fit just right.

A closer look:


the old Crate and Barrel bookcase now houses my art books, filled sketchbooks and wool for felting

The little table houses a scanner/printer, tray for lables and cutouts, a drawing board, and an inspiration scrapbook



Corner with my favorite pencils (Prismacolor and Irojiten), Aya Kobayashi calendar, flowers! and paper press. The Raskog cart from Ikea holds my Copic markers, washi tape, gelly roll pens, brushes, dual brush pens, watercolors, ink and paper sit on the lower compartments.


My current sketchbooks sit in another corner, a positive energy aromatic candle is another must

I absolutely love my new workspace, looking forward to see what comes out of it. I love how long and wide my table is, love how the light works with me here, love the idea of the space that is just mine.



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