Drawing Prompts Jar

I have been sketching for a few months now and came to appreciate drawing prompts  and challenges with a specific theme in mind. However, I found that for me it is harder to choose what to draw on my own and scanning many prompts lists I have pinned takes time. As the result I end up rejecting idea after idea. I want to make choosing easier.  So today I made a “drawing prompts jar”. Basically it is a Ball jar (I decorated it with some craft tape to make it more appealing). I have written down some drawing prompts (trying to keep it vague so there is more room to develop a drawing and ensure I can re-use a prompt in the future ), cut them into strips, folded and dropped them into the jar.


my drawing prompts jar

Now whenever I am out of ideas or need a quick nudge, I can pick a strip of paper and get to work.

Here are the prompts I have written down so far , there are 30 of them, roughly a sketch per day for a month.

drawing prompts jar 1


drawing prompts jar 2


More to come, so stay tuned 🙂





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