Inspired by Autumn

It was such a lovely day today. My dear friend took me and the kids to Denver Botanic Gardens. We usually go every year around the same time and it never disappoints. This year though it was especially amazing.  The leaves are only just starting to turn in the city and most of the trees are still green, so my attention was turned to flowers. It was like the whole garden turned into one giant palette


I couldn’t stop taking pictures and we were lucky to have time to sit down and even sketch a little.


the paint is still wet on one, kids were anxious to move on and I had to walk around the gardens with my sketchbook open until it was dry :DD

All my favorite colors were present- lots of purples, reds, oranges, every flower present was at its brightest. Truly, autumn is my most beloved season, I’ve been drawing non-stop in the past couple of days.






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