First Week of November art

It seems we just said goodbye to October, yet November is in full swing and 6 days just flew by.

I set myself fewer goals in November than in October , but still, I am keeping busy enough.

What was the first week of November like in Green Rain Art studio:

1. An outing! My family went to Denver Art Museum, and as much as I enjoyed  Glory of Venice exhibit, I was surprised to enjoy other stops more, particularly Shock Wave: Japanese Fashion Design 1980s-90s and  On Desert Time photography. Adored the new installation on the second floor of Hamilton’s Building Tableau by Hadley Hooper. It somehow reminded me of a lovely video by Jack and Amanda Palmer Wynken,Blinken and Nod, same magical fairy-tale like atmosphere.


2. New Doodlewash challenge is on and I am having so much fun with it.


3. As I planned, I am adding and extra pastel practice and did a new drawing today. In addition to that I made a couple of illustrated journal entries and an attempt at watercolor doodles


4. Etsy shop is updated! I have  a new holiday card up (totaling 3 now, more coming up within next few weeks),  both of my fall pastels as cards and a couple of illustrations I’ve done earlier, totaling of 5 new listings.




these are absolutely gorgeous on linen paper, not to be missed

So, pretty productive, I would say, hopefully week 2 of November is just as fun.



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