Goodbye 2016, plans for 2017

This year was a wild ride for sure. I am ready to wave it goodbye, thanking it for all the blessings. Ready to welcome 2017 with all the joys, challenges and adventures it will no doubt bring.

Now, looking back at 2016 I can confidently say, it was a very important year for me as an artist:

  1. I let my work out into the world. Forever grateful for my friend who opened an opportunity for me to offer my drawings to people, forever grateful to people who bought my art, to friends who encouraged me, to my family who supports me in all the little and big adventures. I am currently selling in person and online and slowly seeing people return and buy my work gives me such joy and I want to make better art for them too, not just for me. A few homes will have my calendar hanging on their walls, I am hoping it brings them joy in 2017. It was an important step, I am so glad I took it.
  2. I made my studio happen, I still love every second I spend there. file_000-2
  3. I learned so much this year. I participated in a few workshops and webinars and the experience was incredible.
  4. I’ve been doodlewashed and found new friends in watercolor community
  5. I was trying my best to diversify the materials I am working with and so far I worked with watercolor the most, markers I enjoyed as well and truly feel that I moved up a level.file_002
  6. I tried digital illustration and loved it. I changed the way I keep my diary. But the area I am the most proud of is soft pastels. A year ago I wouldn’t have dared to even touch them. 6 months ago I could only produce smudgy mess. And somewhere along the way it stopped being scary and became so much fun. And again, so much support from online community.



It was a wonderful year, despite all the calamities that were waiting in the outside world, art provided and immense comfort and I truly feel I’ve grown a lot this year. I feel that what I do and what I want to do is in harmony, I hope to take it to the new level in 2017.

Now, to the plans:

  • I want to continue exploring various media, with a special focus on soft pastels and colored pencils (these were not frequently used in 2016 and I missed them). I hope to explore acrylic paints more. I hope to do more sculpting with polymer clay and needlefelting.
  • I want to learn to think better artistically. Brushing up my color skills and improving my perspective drawing are hot items on my list. I don’t know yet if I will be able to take any classes or courses, hopefully yes, but if not, I will do my best to learn on my own
  • I want to move to larger-scale drawing and painting. If I can produce anything larger than A4 format, I will be very very pleased.
  • I want to continue with my illustration project, Forest Tale.
  • I want to take a trip specifically for drawing. I don’t know yet where or when, but it needs to happen.
  • I want to be a better art blogger, sharing more here and on my facebook page.
  • I want to expand my presence on Etsy and within artistic community in my area.

Here’s to the most fabulous 2017 for everyone!


-Love, Anya



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