2017 so far

Five days into 2017 life seems to be good, despite minor hiccups such as a sudden weather change and minor cold.

I have begun two of my main projects for this year:

365 small sketches to tell about my day, the idea to use a Moleskine planner came from Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel instagram, and so far I can indeed agree that the paper is ridiculously thin and I am at the moment trying to get as creative as possible to prevent  yesterday’s drawings from showing up on the current day page. I will show a couple of drawings today and hopefully all of the week’s sketches on Sunday for my round-up post.


January 1st (bottom picture) is done with copic markers (I glued front pages together so there was no problem with ink seeping through, the today’s drawing I had to do in gouache to hide markings from yesterday that went straight through the paper)


My second year-long project is –52 weeks illustration challenge which I am doing for the first time. For this week’s theme “Whimsy” I created a digital illustration on my iPad Pro, using Tayasui Sketches Pro app which is the main app I’ve been using for digital sketches


I have started my studies of color and perspective which will go slow, but hopefully steady (not to get overwhelmed is another goal for 2017).


One more very special project is a completely new art form- papercutting! I am so excited about it, and this week I received an inspiration from the lovely book “Il piccolo teatro di Rebecca” by Rebecca Dautremer (the original title is in French, I believe, but I could only find the Italian version) .


There is so much to learn about this art form! I have already tried it right before Christmas by cutting the drawing from Johanna’s Christmas by Johanna Basford  coloring book , which was a challenge mainly on account of a dull knife and printer paper.



This week I received better knife blades and hopefully will be able to create something more interesting over the year.


This week I am truly trying things out, seeing how many different materials I can work with during the week and getting a feel of the rhythm I set up for myself. Of course, now that I realize that kids’s school start back next week, the rhythm will be very different anyway…:D More details about first week of January coming up in Sunday blog post.

Until then and have a lovely weekend!



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