Week 1 of 2017 : Round Up

First week of the year flew by very very fast. It was the first week for me doing art on a carefully planned schedule, and I got a lot done. I have used pretty much every material I was hoping to use and got a feel of the time spent on every medium.

As I have written in my mid-week post, I got a 52-weeks illustration challenge artwork done, and a couple of exercises for color and perspective.

Today, I want to show off other artwork I created throughout the week:

First, my daily art journal (on instagram under #greenrainartij) . I am using a pocket sized Moleskine planner left over from a couple of years ago. My husband got it and never used it properly, so I am giving it a new life with my daily illustrations. The pages are rather thin, so to use a variety of media, I have to get creative with hiding out the materials seeping from the previous page. So far I found that gouache and handmade paper collage work the best.


I like Tangerine and Starlight entries the best ;p

Second material I used is colored pencils, it was my most neglected medium of the last year, I am trying to go back to it this time. I use Prismacolor and Tombow Irojiten colored pencils on Strahtmore Toned Tan paper. White glaze gel pen helped to make snowflakes.


My most triumphant moment of this week was my pastel drawing of a hummingbird. I received a lovely box of Terry Ludwig Maggie Price Basic Value pastels from my husband,  and couldn’t wait to try them out. And boy, they are truly amazing. Here is my bird drawing (and next to it is the one I did a year and a half ago when I first started drawing)



I did one more pastel on Friday based on a photo my sister gave me (her other works are here) and found that though my finger suffer more, I indeed prefer sandpaper.



I also did a watercolor painting of a rooster for Lunar New Year Celebration in the end of the month. These are Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolors in Ikea Sketchbook, the handmade paper in this sketchbook holds the watercolor quite well and I love the texture.


I also drew with Copic Markers in my Leuchtturm1917 sketchbook. I was rather sick yesterday, so I am not very happy about the result, but here it is nonetheless.


My final project for this week is Paper Cutting! This is my first cutting of my own design, and I can already tell that it is going to be a challenge but also joy to learn more about this art form in the months to come.



So yeah, pretty productive week it was. My children start school next week and since we are homeschoolers I am going to be occupied in the morning with their schoolwork. But I am still determined to find time to work on my art.


Have a lovely week, everyone!

-Love, Anya

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