Weekly Report: Week 4 of 2017

And just like that we are almost done with January. I am happy to report that it is one productive month. 4th week was just as creatively full as the first three. Let’s take a look:

I hit a small slump in terms of watercolor. I spent good 30 minutes trying to decide what to paint and ended up just free-sketching some teacups. Surprisingly, I was rather happy with how they turned out. If you look at my art throughout the week, you can definitely tell I am getting tired of winter.



I joined yet another drawing challenge (can’t keep me away from those), which provided me with very specific subjects, the genre that I wanted to explore for a while- travel sketching. There are so many amazingly talented artists participating, I am inspired and excited to draw more “dream spots” .

So far half of the marathon is done and the countries we drew include China, Australia, Morocco and Peru. I am drawing these with markers and liners only, specifically to improve my gradients.


The dragon was such a challenge and at some point I was afraid I will mess up the whole illustration, and yet it turned out ok




I must confess I am ridiculously proud of how the lamp turned out here 😀


For 52 weeks illustration challenge we are drawing Ode to a Favorite Children’s Book. I always loved Andersen’s Tales. So I drew an ending for “The Ugly Duckling” on my ipad pro.


My soft pastel practice this week was quite satisfying as well. I drew a mandarin orange for @artofpastels practice

img_1344 and for my Pastel Friday– a flower. The flower was an interesting experiment as I tried to make a gouache underpainting in an attempt to use less of an actual pastel, only to end up using about the same amount 😀



For colored pencils I drew ballet shoes on toned gray paper


Papercutting this week was an attempt to make more intricate work and calm my mind a little. So I remembered a trip to Japanese Garden and cut out a koi fish among the seaweed.  I want, like a koi fish, to feel comfortable among the obstacles and benefit from them.



Finally, I am continuing working on my art journal. Like the rest of my week, it was rather colorful, a couple of collages, markers, gouache, watercolor.


I skipped color practice and perspective practice this week in order to catch up with the travel sketching marathon, but hopefully more of those next week.

Inspiration this week comes from Dinara Mirtalipova’s newest BookImagine a Forest”. I adore folk art and hope I can incorporate it more into my art. Her book provides short lessons how to create folk-inspired art and I found this book not only beautiful but incredibly helpful.


Wishing a lovely inspiring week to everyone! Look out for a monthly report where I will pick my favorites from all the artwork done in January : )




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