Week 3 of 2017

What a busy and productive week it was! Let’s take a look day by day:

Monday was snowy and cold, img_1210which in turn inspired a simple digital painting, which I like especially after super bright drawing of the last week.


Tuesday was, as always all about pastels. @artofpastels group had a lovely reference, which was also quite challenging in terms of rendering the colors. I must confess I adore drawing water, especially sea waves and this practice was such a delight.


Wednesday was dedicated to 52 weeks illustration challenge. The theme is Australiana and I opted to make an illustration of ma favorite Australian animals with Copic Markers.


Thursday was labor over perspective exercise and after much struggle I completed the exercise. I am still not satisfied with the way it is going, but again, it is most likely just a matter of practice.


I also did one more drawing for Australiana, that of Kookaburra bird in colored pencils




Friday, soft pastels again! A friend shared her photos from a vacation and I decided to see if I can render beautiful egret she captured.


I am most pleased with this one as it was difficult and I feel that my efforts paid off,

The second attempt proved to be brighter and more attractive in general. Overall, I think this practice was a success.



Saturday! Earlier this week me and the children enjoyed newly purchased Excentric Cinema with lovely paper art by Beatrice Coron.



I was so inspired with the intricate papercutting scenes, that I wanted to create on specifically for a shadow play. Behold a fox and an owl cut out of Strathmore Artagain paper. Children enjoyed it and my youngest made up a story.

img_1314 img_1318

Second papercut was less of a success, as I tried to make a quote from “Cinderella” movie, it was very difficult and the result was not as neat as I was aiming it to be.From now on just one cut per day and better thinking on the design.


Sunday was color study, the exercise was to create sketches of four seasons using one’s regular palette. Well, as I love color, my regular palette is rather broad. So, by the example of book’s author, I chose three colors and tried to make it work. And although at first the winter sketch looked like  a disaster, now I think I like it the most.


Second part of my watercolor practice was flower doodles. I like effect the gold paint makes on pink background a lot. I am, on the other had, unhappy with how my brushes interact with the paper. I think I need to invest in better higher quality brushes. It is time.


As usual, I did small sketches for my illustrated journal. My favorite ones are “Read More” and today’s Starry Sky.


I updated my stock of cards in the shop, but failed to do so on Etsy. Will definitely do it next week, the valentine turned out so lovely.

Not a lot of crazy plans for the next week, although family life will demand more of me than usual. I was hoping to squeeze in a craft project and I have itchy fingers for some felt or embroidery, but we shall have to see.

Wishing a lovely week to all!




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