July 17-July 23, 2017

This week was a bit chaotic. I fell short of some of my plans, but so it always goes. Let’s briefly recap:

  1. Pastel ((See all on instagram under #greenrainartpastels ):

Only one painting this week (I did buy I gorgeous set of yellows though and hopefully will work with them some more), and it was a plein air. We visited a working farm and the sheep there were practically begging to be put on paper.


We also visited Mile High National Pastel Exhibition hosted by Pastel Society of Colorado and marveled at the amount of talent represented there. I hope I am confident enough to enter next year and maybe become a part of this as well.

2. Make Art That Sells (my MATS adventures can be seen on instagram under the tag #greenrainartmats): oh boy, did I make myself busy! The Home Decor class is starting in a couple of weeks and MATS blog had a whole bunch of preparatory videos and exercises. 

It all is very exciting, I am looking forward to learn all I can about the industry.

The preparatory practice included sketches of items in various materials. All are rough sketches of course, but it was fun imagining working with all of these materials:



collection of ceramic shapes united by one theme


art on metal goods






fused glass





I also tried to imagine home decor as a big picture and drew an entire room


I also started working on Home Dec part of MATS A course and expect to finish my assignment next week, these are sketches of Staffordshire Pottery-inspired figurines:


World Watercolor Month progresses well (see all my works on insta under #greenrainartwwm17 )



4. For #greenrainartfromlife I was catching up to last week and drew the beads that I love, but alas can’t wear (too chunky)


5. One illustration drawn digitally for 52 weeks illustration challenge (all drawings for this challenge can be now seen under #greenrainart52w tag on instagram):



Again, no embroidery, and illustrated journal continues (See all on instagram under #greenrainartij )



Have a wonderful week, everyone!




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