July 10-July 16, 2017

Summer progresses and art is being made. A quick recap of this week below.


  1. Pastel ((See all on instagram under #greenrainartpastels ):

I had a great time learning pastel secrets from Tony Allain at one day workshop. I’ve written about it earlier this week. 

In addition to that I had another practice at home painting a Colorado landscape.


I also had a fun experiment with oil pastels, which I haven’t touched in a while.



Make Art That Sells (my MATS adventures can be seen on instagram under the tag #greenrainartmats): I have completed my July assignment, we were to draw a children’s book spread featuring winged mouse and hummingbird wearing shoes. There was to be some sort of super power (mine has a magical hummingbird and a mouse with exceptional gardening skills)  and a storyline. In addition to all that the animals had to be in an interior. Although my head spun at first from all these conditions, I made it work in the end (and possibly wrote half  a book in process )



My MATS Bootcamp journey is finished. 5 months sure went by fast and I am going to miss my “Assignment Mondays”, I hope Lilla will consider a year round Bootcamp in the future.

My full Bootcamp portfolio can be found on Instagram.   

I now have two more units left in MATS A, starting Home Decor now in preparation for a Live Intensive. Very excited about that.

World Watercolor Month progresses nicely (see all my works on insta under #greenrainartwwm17 )



For #greenrainartfromlife I am still catching up. I drew summer fruit this time.



Sadly no embroidery this week. But illustrated journal continues (See all on instagram under #greenrainartij )



Rather short entry this time, but it will only get more intense in the following weeks.


Have a gorgeous week everyone!




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