October 9-15, 2017

Half of October has passed, another busy and productive week. Let’s take a quick look:

  1. Pastel ((See all on instagram under #greenrainartpastels ): Two paintings created this week

For instagram marathon (to be published on insta on Tuesday)

macaroons pastel painting

I don’t necessarily like eating these, but drawing them sure was fun

and one more – a quick sketch from memory after our outing to listen to an orchestra. I am trying to adapt my pastels to work as illustrations, this was the first attempt.

orchestra pastel painting

I tried to capture the movement of the conductor and the way the hall was lit up

2. Make Art That Sells (my MATS adventures can be seen on instagram under the tag #greenrainartmats)

We were working on emotions this week. Man, that was hard. I realized that I am more of a “setting” person, most of my favorite drawings are very atmospheric, and include beautiful scenery. Drawing face expressions was a real challenge for that reason

daily warm ups

face expressions doodles

daily sketches help so much with loosening up!

I also worked on making my character look like an actual baby turtle, making face expressions was also fun (though hard), I learned not to do it in public though, the range of emotions on my face prompted some questions from strangers 😀


baby turtle went through a lot

3. Worked on drawing leaves for Sketchflashmob (see #greenrainartfromlife  for more)

autumn leaves colored pensils

love drawing all things autumn

4. Worked on some patterns for kids for this week’s Folio Focus assignment (see all works under #greenrainartff17 hashtag on instagram), I am extremely pleased with how these turned out. Waiting for proofs from Spoonflower and these will be available on fabric, look at these cars, I can see it on gauze for baby swaddles, they would work out so great.

2017 FolioFocus design template CS

love drawing patterns more and more!

Speaking of Spoonflower, I made two more “veggie themed” patterns and entered one in the weekly contest, it was a big step, my shyness about my art disappears little by little


the first pattern I drew and entered in contest after a poll among friends


Second design with a bit more dynamics

5. For 52 weeks illustration challenge (all drawings for this challenge can be now seen under #greenrainart52w tag on instagram) I drew a bookshop.

bookshop illustration greenrainart

I adore kid sections in bookstores and love seeing children lounging around immersed in books.

Last week’s illustration was featured on 52 weeks of illustration blog, that’s second week in a row, I am so happy!

6. I am continuing with my 100 days challenge  (see all on instagram under  #100daysofgreenrainart and folk art specifically under#greenrainartfolksketch hashtags). I just finished working on animals from “Imagine a Forest” book. Next section is all about fairy tale people and creatures, but I think I will set it aside for a while and focus on making plants and animals I learned to draw a little bit more “mine”. I tried not to emulate the author’s style, but it couldn’t be helped in some instances.

folk art chickens

tried to work in a limited palette a little

folk art horse 2

you can see me trying to adapt the ideas to my own style

folk art horse green rain art

second horse called for pink 😀

With these my first 20 days of 100 day challenge have finished, so did my first cahier-style sketchbook. Here’s a quick flip through 


Next I drew a bear

folk bear green rain art

again trying to limit the colors

and a fox! I enjoy drawing foxes, see all on instagram under #greenrainartfoxes hashtag

folk art fox greenrainart

couldn’t resist adding a mushroom 😀

and last but not least- a lion!

greenrainart folk lion

L is for Lion


7. Inktober challenge goes well, I finished “sepia ink” week and started drawing with blue, also traded a brush for dip pen,  (see all work on instargram under #greenrainartinktober hashtag)

green rain art inktober week 2

drawing with dip pen is not easy but sure is fun!

So this is it for this week. I am very proud of myself for completing all my drawing tasks and even some extra. I am also very tired. Illustration class assignments intensify and I am trying to work out more doable “to do list” for the next week. I am a bit behind on reading class materials, but as they relate more to pitching the finished product, I will save those for later and go through them once I am done with the class. Viewed some skillshare classes, had a wonderful webinar with classmates…Looking into joining new art community next week…a lot of plans, a lot of info to process.


Have a wonderful 3rd week of October, everyone!



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