October 23- November 5, 2017. November Plans

I am a little bit late with my final post of October, so I am merging it with first days of November. We were away on a short break on the lovely Oregon coast. But back now and ready to catch up with everything I’ve missed during my mini-vacation,

Oregon Coast greenrainart trip 2017

beautiful place!

Let’s take a quick look at the work done for the past 2 weeks

1. Pastel ((See all on instagram under #greenrainartpastels  was a main aim for my trip- to gather material for future paintings. We were always on the go, but I managed to make two little sketches with Stabilo soft pastel pencils. Overall I can’t say I love working with pencils and probably will reserve them for moments when regular pastels are not available.

rocks at Cannon beach soft pastel pencil greenrainart

rocks at Cannon Beach

Sunset at Seaside soft pastel pencil greenrainart

Seaside Sunset

Plans for November: continue to participate in @artofpastels Instagram challenges and paint what I saw on my Oregon trip

2. Make Art That Sells (my MATS adventures can be seen on instagram under the tag #greenrainartmats)

I was hard at work on backgrounds for my Illustrating Children’s Books class

Creating storyboards was especially challenging, but also quite rewording as I am gaining better understanding of the process of making a picture book.

creating story boards for mats icb greenrainart

watching the story flow really makes me imagine an entire book

I worked on the sketchbook warm-ups

sketchbook warmups mats icb greenrainart

Other preparation included soft pastel sketching of various objects that could be included in the scenery



And finally I made three spreads for the story created by Zoe Tucker for our class. I only could submit one to the classroom, but all three came to life at the same time and I had to actually make myself stop drawing.


our little hero meets the Tiger


lost and afraid


the ocean at last!

I have a page on my site where one can see examples of my illustration work. Just click here 

Final week of ICB is done, and a cover created for the story. I had to work fast due to being away and I hope I did a good job.


the layout came to me on the plane back home

Final thoughts on ICB class: I couldn’t believe how intense it was. I mean people said it will be, but still it felt times more intense comparing to Home Decor. I do feel 5 weeks weren’t enough for me personally, Zoe and Lilla provide an enormous amount of information and I still have to read a huge chunk of the materials to even begin  to grasp the market. I would prefer to be more prepared next time, I had the time carved out for working on the art, but still felt out of breath often. I am definitely planning to take another intensive with them, the encouragement and wisdom shared in the class is invaluable. I felt I learned so much, I need to lay low for a while and digest it.  I also realized I need to have a better base knowledge and I am also looking into a longer program on illustration, I can’t learn on campus due to family commitments, so it will have to be online.

November plans: To review and re-study all the materials provided in the course, start working on other stories from the class

3. Drew mushrooms and a perfume bottle  for Sketchflashmob (see #greenrainartfromlife  for more)

mushrooms from life colored pencils greenrainart


perfume bottle pencil sketch greenrainart

a perfume bottle

Other works from life aka “memories” include 10 second sketches from my trip

seaside aquarium sketches greenrainart

Seaside Aquarium

People of DIA greenrainart sketch

watching people in DIA

drawing clouds as we flew helped time fly faster

clouds from the plane greenrainart

view from the top

November plans: To continue drawing from life. I am also planning to read some of Natalie Ratkowski’s books on art journalling

4. Weeks 8 and 9 of Folio Focus (see all works under #greenrainartff17 hashtag on instagram) were dedicated to characters:

Funny Halloween for week 8

2017 FolioFocus design template CS

placement graphic and patterns

and a self-portrait for editorial for week 9


my life in a nutshell 😀

Other pattern work included limited palette abstracts shapes for a Spoonflower challenge (didn’t win, but I will one day)

winter abstract pattern greenrainart

coming soon on fabric

November plans: I have one more week left on this course, final thoughts next week


5. 100 days challenge continues with interruptions, I wonder if I will make it by the end of the year 😦 Maybe I should just forget about the numbers (especially since I’ve done about 55 days of my failed attempt in the summer…

Anyway, I really like the progress I make on my folk style sketches so far (see all on instagram under  #100daysofgreenrainart and folk art specifically under#greenrainartfolksketch hashtags)


birdie on a pumpkin

folk style mushrooms greenrainart


folk style hedgehog greenrainart


folk style fox greenrainart

resting fox

folk style chicken greenrainart

embroidered chicken

November plans: Continue!

6. Inktober successfully completed! Not all drawings were pretty, but I had fun with this little challenge  (see all work on instargram under #greenrainartinktober hashtag)

Inktober 5


inktober 4 greenrainart


Flip through Inktober sketchbook is here

7. Illustrated journal was all about thumbnails this month again

October thumbnail journal greenrainart

Thumbnails for October

November Plans: Would love to go back to bigger drawings but not sure if will have time


Will also continue with 52 weeks illustrations


Have a lovely November, everyone!




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