November 13-19,2017

Another week has passed and it’s almost December, wow, where did the year go? This week was even more relaxed and informal for my art practice. I am very much enjoying downtime, yet trying to keep my routine and daily art habit. Let’s take a look:

1. Pastel : 

This week I had both soft pastel (See all on instagram under #greenrainartpastels)and oil pastel practice (see all on instagram under #greenrainartoilpastel)

Two works in soft pastel

challenge for the next week instagram post:

apple pie soft pastel greenrainart

now I want to make an apple pie!

and another memory from our Oregon trip

hug point sunset soft pastel greenrainart

cloudy sunset at Hug Point Beach

I was thinking of my box of oil pastels and how little I’m using them. They are so different from soft pastel and require different set of skills. I haven’t been very lucky with them and kept putting them aside. I decided it’s high time I explored oil pastels again (plus I refuse to be defeated by art supplies)

I drew a fox

oil pastel fox sketch greenrainart

I had so much fun drawing this little guy

and a peacock

peacock oil pastel sketch greenrainart

all the blues!

I had fun drawing both, I will definitely continue

2. A dried flower for Sketchflashmob (see #greenrainartfromlife  for more), only one more prompt next week, and we say goodbye 😦

dried rose colored pencil sketch greenrainart

the theme was autumn flowers

3. I drew a pheasant in markers as a part of brainstorming for one more contest

pheasant copic markers sketch greenrainart

so colorful

another brainstorming exercise was a mushroom study

mushroom illustration pen and watercolor greenrainart

many mushrooms

4. I tried to maintain a daily habit of drawing with a series of 1-5 minute sketches, also to keep drawing from life

5 minute sketch camera greenrainart

camera on my table

orange 3 minute sketch greenrainart

3 minute mandarin orange

1 minute sketches plus logotype greenrainart

1 minute sketches plus logotype exercises

5. Last but not least my little bunny for #greenrainartfolksketch

bunny folk sketch greenrainart

festive bunny 😀


Got tons of positive feedback from latest Spoonflower challenge, if you’d like, please vote for my gingerbread design

greenrainart spoonflower challenge



That is all for this week. Let’s see what happens next week when I will hopefully have a bit more time to myself.

Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate and have a lovely week, everyone!



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