Goodbye November! December Plans

Allow me to share artwork from the final week and a half of November.

I allowed myself to take a little break and re-evaluate my goals for 2018. I made an outline for the first half with a goal of not too many classes but a steady improving of my art.

Here’s what I drew in the end of November:

  1. Pastel: I took a break from soft pastels and only had an oil pastel practice (see all on instagram under #greenrainartoilpastel). Just one drawing.
poppies oil pastel greenrainart

poppy is one of my favorite colors

PLANS: To continue with my soft and oil pastel practice, incorporating it into my illustrations

2.Sketchflashmob is finished for this year (see #greenrainartfromlife  for all my works) I still haven’t done the prompt with pumpkin, so I will go back to that. The final prompt was to draw a tree decoration, and I chose a homemade ornament my daughter made

handmade ornament sketch greenrainart

I love how she put the penguin into the car

PLANS: I hope to continue with this practice on my own until the next challenge is announced.

3. For 52 weeks of illustration I drew some pencils and a chameleon

colored pencils sketch greenrainart


chameleon sketch greenrainart

this one was a special joy to draw, they are such interesting animals

PLANS: I have a few more prompts to complete this year and already looking forward to the next!

4. My fabric proofs have arrived from Spoonflower. I already made a little towel out of one cut and looking forward to making a few more (although I am no seamstress and it’s mostly “give to family” type of sewing work), I sure am glad Roostery makes towels so those that want to get one don’t have to go through me and my rusty skills.

greenrainart fabric

Over the moon!

tea towel greenrainart

my first tea towel

I also made a pattern for the hygge challenge

hygge pattern greenrainart

all things hygge

PLANS: To continue with both designing patterns and sewing things.

5. I drew a few birds as a part of second attempt at MATS Home Decor class that I am continuing on my own.

tropical birds

want to put all these on pillows!

PLANS: Will slowly work through MATS Home Dec throughout December and will have one more trend board to work on in 2018.

Other plans: Will participate in a couple of advent challenges, looking forward to making more art with kids as well.

Have a lovely December!



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