Catch up post: December 2017

First of all very belated Happy New Year everyone!

I just realized that I never updated my blog in all holiday season craziness. Wow, better late than never, I guess, so here goes a quick round up and plans for 2018


In December I participated in Advent illustration challenge with prompts created my Shannon McNab. As Shannon suggested I picked a color scheme and subject (holidays in the woodland). So everyday I made a full color illustration with a cute critter or several. Here’s a quick look:


days 1-4, polar bear is now gracing products in my society6 shop and available as a dishtowel on roostery


this was probably my favorite batch, especially the goose


the sleeping bear is my favorite here šŸ™‚


pair of weasels is my favorite picture here, so is the bunny


Elf Ā is my favorite hereĀ 


the snow horse is my favorite here šŸ˜€

So this was my advent calendar of drawings.

I also made illustrations for 52 weeks illustration challenge, hereby completing this year-long project, which is, I am saddened to say, has closed now forever. ((all drawings for this challenge can be now seen under #greenrainart52w tag on instagram)

Africa illustration greenrainart


Purple amethyst greenrainart illustration

purple amethyst

frosty window greenrainart

frosty window

Celebration by greenrainart

Celebrating 2018

I made a couple of watercolors:

a few patterns for Spoonflower challenges



Polar animals pattern

winter garden pattern greenrainart

Winter garden pattern


Oh my Dog pattern

All of these I plan to proof and hopefully will have dishtowels and bedlinen for sale soon.

I also created some stand-alone illustrations and possibly started a series of illustrations connected by a storyline


this was the holiday card on my Instagram account

These two illustrations are a beginning of a series with a connecting story line. I am still working on outlining the story, but I am very curious where this will take me.

And the final illustration for 2018 is my second annual banner for good luck.


for a lucky year!

Now to the plans for 2018:

  • I am planning to continue my pastel works. Soft pastel is something I can’t live without at this point and I added some sketches in oil pastel last year and I will attempt to get more familiar and comfortable with the material
  • I have joined a daily sketchbook challenge by Natalie Ratkovski (see #sketchclub365), I don’t think it will necessarily be a “daily-daily” challenge for me, but I will definitely sketch more from life. Her weekly sketch from life prompts are coming in February as well
  • At some point I will renew my folk art studies and try to push myself further by drawing people and places
  • DREAM TO COME TRUE: I joined an illustration sketchbook year-long marathon (by Kristen Taylor) , this will be especially interesting as I am now a member of SCBWI. I am hoping to gather enough courage and time to appear at local chapter’s meetings and meet more fellow illustrators.
  • COMMERCIAL PROJECTS: I hope to do more food illustration and patterns, filling my spoonflower shop with more fabric designs and offer more dishtowels for sale. I also want to explore possibilities of travel illustration
  • LEARNING: I joined MATS Bootcamp again, very excited for this one! Also Folio Focus class is coming in February. These are all classes for this year as of right now. I really hope I will be able to do Global Talent Search with Lilla Rogers in July and trying to squeeze another ICB class with Lilla and Zoe Tucker. But I also aim to learn more efficiently, without gasping for breath and create more work to send to the world. Financial situation is also different this year as I am preparing to send my child on an international choir tour in 2019, and have to set money aside for that. I have a paid Skillshare membership and utilizing it as much as possible.


So here are my tentative plans for 2018. Hope it’s a wonderful and magical year for everyone!




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