January 2018 highlights

Hello again, it’s been a while. I’m afraid I’m not most productive blogger this year (yet), must get a bit better. January was a very difficult month for me, but I am trying to keep with my art practice and create more work to offer to the public.

Let’s take a look at the images created in January:

  1. Pastel works 

I made some soft and oil pastel art.

Soft pastel is going rather slow, but I consider the painting I’ve done in January one of my best, especially because I managed to make a snow that looks more or less real.  (See all on instagram under #greenrainartpastels2018)

snowy trail soft pastel greenrainart

a memory of a walk I took with my children

Drew some animals in oil pastel. I find it a very interesting medium, I can be a bit more bold with the strokes, but at the same time since the amount of layers is limited, I have to be more calculating. (see all on instagram under the hashtag of #greenrainartoilpastels)

A hare oil pastel greenrainart

had tons of fun drawing this guy, love the colors in his fur

parrot oil pastel greenrainart

another fun project, feather was a challenge

Next painting was done as a part of year-round illustration challenge. I made preliminary sketches and an oil painting of a horse for Black Beauty illustration

black beauty draft sketches greenrainart

draft sketches, I hardly ever drew a horse before

and an oil pastel illustration

horse head oil pastel greenrainart black beauty

rather proud of how this one turned out

But in the end, for my final illustration I went with a papercut, which I then set on a green background and finished with “papercut style” lettering

Black Beauty book cover illustration

I wanted to create a cover specifically and found papercut to be an interesting solution, especially because I missed papercutting a lot

This illustration project allowed me to create one more illustration in January. I wanted to focus more on background with this one, it is a well known fairy tale and I was a bit nervous since there were so many attempts on this before.

Hansel and Gretel illustration greenrainart.com

Hansel and Gretel find the gingerbread cottage

There is another illustration challenge that I follow and the theme of the month was “people”, here are my favorite illustrations from this one : a portrait of Mozart and illustrations for “Pride and Prejudice”

Pride and Prejudice lovebirds are now available on Society6 and Redbubble

Speaking of love, there were a couple of new Valentine Day artworks created

Two “love” designs, an upgraded papercut and a decorated letters illustration. And a pair of funny little otters.


There was also another illustration in a “red caped girl” series, I hope to continue this story in February

red caped girl in snowy woods

further and further she goes…

I am challenging myself to draw more people this year. Which is funny, this is all I used to draw when I was a kid (especially fashion), but it seems to be so hard now. I have begun MATS Bootcamp and the very first assignment was exactly that- a person and contents of her bag. I got Mindy Kaling and the hardest part, the face was actually the most fun.

Mindy Kaling bag greenrainart

Does it look like her though?

Bag contents was a mini assignment and this “real life” part was another fun project which I did in watercolor


Other “real life” objects that I drew in January include a sketch of a souvenir cup, also done in watercolor

souvenir cup sketch greenrainart

my husband’s relatives sent it to him from Ukraine

A few more illustrations

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also participated in a “drawing food” sketch marathon

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




A couple of “folk style” sketches to finish this entry

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This was my January in a nutshell. In February I am working on a second assignment for MATS Bootcamp and my Folio Focus assignments are about to start. I am planning to take more Skillshare classes. I hope to continue a little series project I’ve started in January (which can be seen on instagram). Lots of work to be done in traditional media.

Hope everyone has a wonderful February!



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