Week 1 of 2017 : Round Up

First week of the year flew by very very fast. It was the first week for me doing art on a carefully planned schedule, and I got a lot done. I have used pretty much every material I was hoping to use and got a feel of the time spent on every medium. As I … Continue reading Week 1 of 2017 : Round Up


October Art

October just flew by. I got a little overambitious and took up so many art projects, it was starting to stress me out a little, but most of them were successfully completed and I learned a lot from them. First of all I wanted to share some October beauty, which was such an inspiration for … Continue reading October Art


Getting ready to say "goodbye" to June. Times sure flies, but things got done despite the heat and general  desire to rest that always comes in the summer. What have I been up to: I celebrate a year of focused drawing. On June 19th, 2015 I decided to move from casual sketches here and there … Continue reading MY JUNE