MONTHLY REPORT : January 2017

January was a busy month, and now that it's over I just wanted to quickly recap the achievements and share my favorite works for each media used this month. I will also share my plans for February. Soft Pastel: I made 10 paintings over the month of January. I am happy with the most of … Continue reading MONTHLY REPORT : January 2017

Weekly Report: Week 4 of 2017

And just like that we are almost done with January. I am happy to report that it is one productive month. 4th week was just as creatively full as the first three. Let's take a look: I hit a small slump in terms of watercolor. I spent good 30 minutes trying to decide what to … Continue reading Weekly Report: Week 4 of 2017

October Art

October just flew by. I got a little overambitious and took up so many art projects, it was starting to stress me out a little, but most of them were successfully completed and I learned a lot from them. First of all I wanted to share some October beauty, which was such an inspiration for … Continue reading October Art