Week 2 of 2017: Fails and victories

Another week flew by. Or rather crept, as it seemed very long and New Year doesn’t feel so new anymore.

The first half of the week as I’ve written in my midweek report was rather challenging, so many drawing attempts were turning out less than perfect. But I also had a strike of inspiration following a museum visit and, although the rest of the week was full of fails just as much as the first half, it was more of “turned out for the best” situation.

I wanted to make more art for Week 2 of 52 weeks illustration challenge and Friday afternoon brought me much longed-for free time to play with my pastels. This shy flamingo is the result. I am quite happy with it


Watercolor! Interesting, I pre-sketched a lovely woodpecker and something possessed me to apply masking fluid on handmade paper, which was not at all needed and of course spelled disaster and a ruined drawing in the end. So I had to find a way not to have a wasted practice. I decided to loosely sketch some birds of paradise, and I absolutely love them.


Now a couple of fails to shake things up a bit

During the first half of the week I did a colored pencils drawing which I thought rather ugly, but Friday success made me feel quite benevolent towards all my works during this week , so I am showing it. Plus practice is practice, right?


Same goes for my markers sketch. This one was actually done while I was sick in bed. Another practice is practice piece. I am hoping to redraw it in the future because I love the subject.


Back to happy times 🙂

I am satisfied with  how my illustrated journal entries turned out this week. Even with “ugly baby” Yoda 😀 Gray morning and lighthouse are my favorites, because one was a very real feeling I wanted to capture and another is just a dream of hearing ocean waves again (and watching a sad movie to do it, because there’s no other way at the moment)


Papercutting is my Sunday activity typically as I am most free on Sunday. Man, did I fail with the first one, I did a beautiful cut out about halfway only to realize that clean side of my paper will show the word “love” spelled in the mirror image. On to do it all over again. The second version is not as elaborate as the first one was, but I am happy with it.


I also did some color theory exercises and my perspective drawing was a semi-fail (no picture this time). But overall not a bad week.

I am looking forward to a better third week of January, and if not, at least to a valuable learning experience. I will also update my Etsy shop, something to look forward to for sure.


Wishing a lovely week to all!

-Love, Anya

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