First week of March

March is here, and with it new plans and new artwork! It was a very busy week for me, family claimed the majority of my time, and yet I managed to squeeze a few minutes out of my day and make some art.

Let’s take a look:

  1. I have decided to catch up to a floral sketch marathon after all. Catching up didn’t happen, as I had 8 topics and only 5 days. I am halfway there though, and although I won’t be eligible for a prize (not that I ever win, anyway), I am planning to finish it just to explore the possibilities. So far the themes I covered are : favorite flower, potted flowers, floral pattern and unusual flowers. Although I am no botanic illustrator, I had fun with diphyleia greyi, and although I did something similar before, the pattern gave me the hardest time. All are done with Copic Markers 


It is very interesting how a lot of Russian sketchers choose markers for their drawings, I don’t see it a lot with American instaartists. Most opt for watercolor or gouache and markers are more of anime crowd. Or maybe I am not looking well enough. The styles are also quite different. Very interesting.

2. I did an illustration for 52 weeks illustration challenge. The topic was “Baking” and I went to my beloved Forest Tale characters for that. I drew this lovely scene on my ipad pro. I prefer digital work for this series, because I tend to rework the drawing a lot and all the erasing that would have to be done on the paper would make my job so much harder


3. I managed to do a pastel drawing, yay! Initially I thought I won’t be able to squeeze one in this week, my Friday was insane and I was pretty tired, but I am so glad I pulled myself together for this. Can’t wait to frame this little guy.


4. I did a drawing from life in colored pencils. This week’s theme was “Lemons”. I love lemons and I love drawing them.


5. I had fun filling my embroidered garden with more flowers this week



6. Illustrated journal got new entries. I find it such a comforting ritual at the end of every day- to make a small sketch or doodle, or even a collage for my journal


No watercolors in March as of yet, hopefully next week. Only a small papercutting for the journal…

I have just signed up for an illustration exercise that Russian girls run on instagram, we will try to make our own books. I am not sure if I can actually do it, but also very excited.We were making plans for our books this week and I am slightly overwhelmed by all the choices I have to make. 😀  The vision slowly takes shape and I can’t wait to see how it will work out.

I signed up for Lilla Rogers’ Assignement Bootcamp. I admire the work her artist do and took some of her free workshops last year. Although the style she prefers as an agent isn’t my style, I hope I can learn new things and challenge myself a little. My goal is after all is to grow constantly and I hope I can do that with this class as well. Looking forward to starting tomorrow.


Hope everyone has a lovely week!




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