Second Week of March: New Challenges!

Second week of March was full of artistic pursuits. Some were especially challenging. Let’s take a look:

  1. As I wrote last week, I signed up for Make Art That Sells Assignment Bootcamp. We received our first mini assignement this week and it asked us to look for and draw some patterns. Now, I hardly ever do patterns, so it was an enormous challenge for me. I had tons of fun looking for patterns though, I never thought there were so many in my house alone. Towards the end of the week I loosened up a bit and was able to have some fun coming up with motives. I did my first pattern doodles on iPad, but the rest in watercolor and ink, working in analog felt more comfortable.AC7F5DD7-D6EC-4793-B176-4AC2A4EBE592
  2. I had a very difficult task from illustration challenge– to come up with a layout for a “book” I am trying to create. There was only 5 days to do the whole thing and it was so so hard. I am still not sure I have done it correctly or indeed if my layout will work, but here it is.IMG_2372
  3. Pastel group on instagram had a beautiful but, again, difficult reference. My flower got out of hand at some point and after sweating over it for a while I decided not to correct it anymore. I am happy with the final result, but hopefully it will be better next time. IMG_2296The pastel painting I did on my own though turned out just as I intended it.IMG_2398
  4. I finished floral sketching marathon, way behind other participants, but at least it is done. Both wedding bouquet and florist shop were interesting and indeed challenging exercises. I feel I drew so much with markers lately.2DA869C5-4B17-4761-B425-CF0790675DE0
  5. I drew and orchid for my watercolor practice,IMG_2361 from life and tulips in colored pencils for sketchflashmob.IMG_2403 So many flowers this week!
  6. For 52 weeks illustration challenge I drew on iPad again, the theme was “Weekend”, and I went for a definition of “Weekend” for me.File Mar 11, 7 23 49 PM.png
  7. Embroidery! I continue to fill my embroidered garden with flowers, I also started a new element which will probably take me all of the next week 🙂E5A4D302-CE43-42A1-9F52-68F883AD0377
  8. Illustrated journal, again, was faithfully kept. I included a paper cut (only a small exercise this week) and some drawings as always (messed up the last one though, ugh)A1968345-B8C5-40F8-9C6F-254D46FCC80C


Next week will be crazy outside of my art. I am not looking forward to the stress, but hopefully there will be room for drawing. Especially since the big assignment from MATS will be presented tomorrow.

Hoping for a lovely week for everyone!



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