Goodbye March round up post and plans for April 2017

Whew, crazy, long month of March is over!

The art accomplishments were many and I was busier than ever ūüėÄ

Let’s take a look:


Make Art That Sells Bootcamp: I stepped out of my comfort zone for sure, and created some interesting patterns. The idea of making abstracts sits in my brain and I hope to explore the topic more. I also learned how to look closer to find more patterns in my immediate surroundings.

My final design that can be found in MATS March gallery


Markers: I made about 10 drawings with Copic Markers including the completion of floral sketches marathon and some illustrations for 52 weeks illustration challenge: My favorites include

Diphyleia Greyi flowers


Hot air balloon 


and the most recent sketch, completed this week with a quote from Amelie movie:


Watercolor: Aside from my illustrated journey there were not many watercolor drawings as I am taking a break from doodlewash challenge in March. Only 3 large drawings and again, this week’s rendering of figs is my favorite


I did work with gouache a little, exploring folk art motives. There were two drawings, both done this week and although I am happy with both, the bee is my absolute favorite and the best to date, I think.




Pastels were abundant.We had an absolutely delightful tour at a pastel studio and I felt very inspired all month long. I made total of 9 drawings. I am finishing the month with eggs for the collective on instagram.


When it comes to my absolute favorites I have to say both hummingbirds and Japanese Garden.



Digital: I made an illustration for “book project” and one for 52 weeks illustration challenge, doodled on my own as well. I drew a lot of patterns. One of my digital illustrations is on my kids’ choir concert announcement and I am in process to create additional posters for this event. I am quite proud of this work and excited of having a wider audience. ¬†I am still in process of completing individual posters, but I will share one, and it is also my favorite of the month, along with culinary illustration.



Colored pencils: I made 5 colored pencil drawings from life, wrapping up the month with pinecones.


The garlic drawing remains my favorite of the month.


Illustrated journal work progresses nicely. I drew every day. The final days of March


my favorites of the month


Embroidery went great as well, I still enjoy it very very much.

The last week of March progress:


Progress between end of February and today:



Month’s lessons:

I learned that despite wanting to do it all, I simply can not. Art isn’t just pleasant hobby or learning process, it is also work. So I had to learn to manage my time better and separate my family responsibilities from my art commitments better. I challenged myself quite a bit and I think I have grown. I regret not spending enough time on my “book project” and there is only two weeks left for this instagram collective project. I don’t want to drop it, but the timeframe given is unrealistic, so I will continue working on it at my own pace. Not enough paper cutting ūüė¶ Just little journal entries, I want to do it more. Not enough color theory and perspective exercises. Need to do that too.

April Plans:

Are many.

-I will continue with MATS Bootcamp, very excited about new assignment.

-I am starting doodlewash challenge for my watercolors.

-I am hoping to keep working with pastels at the same pace and I don’t know if I will dare to step a little bit further, but I’d like to think that I will do it after all. I have about 2 weeks to decide. I will write here, if I do ;p

-I want to continue exploring folk art and draw something more than just flowers.

100 day project starts on the 4th. I am still deciding what shall be my theme (last year I didn’t actually have one), I want to do lettering and color theory exercises possibly alternating with perspective, because I keep skipping those…but I will make my choice soon

-I am hoping to continue with my drawing from life and get better and better

-I need to finish posters for choir and do more forest tale illustrations.

-Almost time to put out Mother’s Day cards, so I need to draw a few new ones for that too.

-Embroidery, Illustrated Journal…this two are my daily activities.

-Paper cutting!

-Stay sane, stay healthy, stay present for my family are also major goals.

Hope everyone has a wonderful April!



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