Fourth week of March

Another busy and overall productive week.


I was concentrating on finishing the assignment for my MATS Bootcamp. Boy, was it a challenge. I am glad I joined the group of such talented people and watching everyone’s creative process was quite an experience. I have a long way to go. In the end I came up with three designs I had to choose from and that was another challenge. I ended up going with the pink blobs motive as it was the most “abstract” and most fun. But I am looking forward to putting floral design out there too, perhaps to my society 6 shop or on one of my cards. All three designs were done digitally.



I played with my pastels this week, it was so much fun to draw water again.


Bright poppy I painted today and it was fun playing with summer reds



I did one more digital illustration 


and for 52 weeks illustration challenge I drew a “happy place” with my markers


Sadly, I didn’t have time to work on my illustration project, but hopefully there will be time to catch up next week

I drew glass for sketch flashmob with colored pencils. It was such a challenge and I am not quite happy with the result, especially highlights. B



I completed my embroidered pool, put some plants and critters in it. I love how lively my embroidered garden looks and daily stitching is one of the most favorite parts of my day



Time has come to reveal my special project– I created artwork for my children’s choir concert poster. The theme is Postcards and I drew postcards for some of the countries children will be singing the songs from.



And last but not least- my illustrated journal with some watercolor sketches, paper cut and markers doodles.


Next week should be easier and I hope for some time spent with my watercolors, I missed working with them this week, I also got some delicious colors I can’t wait to explore.

Hope everyone has a lovely week!



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