Third week of March art

Very busy week, heavy with events.

Let’s take a look…

We had a  lovely tour to Terry Ludwig Studio, we were shown how pastels are made by Terry himself and his son Geoff. We are so lucky to have this wonderful pastel maker mere minutes away from our house. Children left absolutely inspired and I left with a little treat for myself.



The wonders weren’t over, as I got home from this wonderful visit, a surprise from my husband was waiting at home. Now I have a proper stand-alone easel and I can’t believe how pleasant it is to set up and work with


Naturally, I couldn’t stop making pastel art this week

I experimented with rendering colored glass for artofpastels challenge



I drew another hummingbird, oh how I love drawing feathers lately 🙂


I also sketched a potted campanula from life



The same day I received the March assignement for Make Art that Sells course. More pattern play and a huge challenge -create an abstract pattern! I was flustered for a minute but then got to work. We are still awaiting for the trend board, so I am not sure if any of these drafts will make it to the final gallery. I did 3 digital drawings and one watercolor abstract.



I drew in markers for 52 weeks illustration challenge. The Topic was Perspective and I gladly included two of my beloved subjects – a hot air balloon and ocean waves.



I worked on illustrations for my “book” project, but I realize that the timeframe set by the hosts is not at all realistic for my project. I will either have to cut the content or not finish at the deadline. Since I am not after one of the prizes and mostly do it for myself, I am not going to sweat it. I completed most of the rough sketches and now moving on to making the illustrations (I will most likely draw most of them on my iPad with Apple Pencil)



The topic for sketchflashmob drawing from life this week was garlic. I enjoyed drawing it so much! Especially since it let me compare it to a drawing of the same subject from 16 months back. I think there’s definitely some progress 🙂





16 months apart


Embroidery was a bit tedious as I had to finish my stone enclosure. It was nice to see the progress though and I am looking forward to more varied stitching next week



Journal also went well, I did two paper art inserts and some quick sketches. It’s very pleasant to see it fill up.



Overall a good week, I would say. I wish there was more watercolor aside from the pattern, hopefully there will be more time in the days to come.

Until then, hope everyone has a lovely week!



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