April 2017: Week 2

This week was calmer that the previous one. I tried to pace myself more and focus more on work that falls within my normal year-round challenges, as well as my class  assignment.

Let’s take a look:

  1. I completed all the posters for my children’s choir project. I am so happy to have this done and that choir folks seem happy with the result. I am looking forward to see the final result, but also anxious a bit. My favorite work from this batch is definitely India. Some of the work for this project was done digitally on my iPad, some were original drawings/paintings in pastels or markers and then digitally reworked. India is all digital, drawn in Procreate with Apple Pencil.


2. Pastels (See all on instagram under #greenrainartpastels) I completed two works, one for artofpastels challenge, which was a lovely pink Charleston house. I chose to draw front view and ended up loving dreamy illustration-like look of it.


My second work was my first ever pastel plein-air done in nearby Gardens. I went to draw with a dear friend and a combination of lovely weather, wonderful conversation and gorgeous light made my day.





Watercolors: I continued with doodlewashed challenge, and had tons of fun with this week’s prompts



Colored pencils  (see all drawings I am doing for this flashmob on instagram under#greenrainartfromlife): This week’s assignment for sketchflashmob was “Eggs”, and although I was hoping to go more fancy route, I ended up sketching a plain brown egg



Color studies: I had tons of fun exploring different limited palettes and learning more theory. I got quite bored from endless swatches and started adding doodles to them. See all on instagram under #100daysofgreenrainart



MATS Bootcamp: We received our big assignment which is an editorial, something I have never done. I am working on it right now and hopefully will have it ready soon. I decided not to overthink this time around and go with my first draft. I am trying not to stall to much either since I have taken advantage of the sale and signed up for a self-paced course from Make Art That Sells that I hope to complete before August (another course will take place then).

Lettering (See all on istagram under #greenrainartlettering): I am not entirely satisfied with how it’s going, although I love the quotes. I wish I had more time to work on exercises… I must find a way to set out a few minutes each day to practice flourishes and such… I found I love watercolor letters the best, and working with the brush is more even comparing to pen, but I want to stay versatile too.


52 weeks illusrtation challenge: This week the theme was “Thread”. I had so much fun creating this little scene in marker. I had this image pop up in my head all week until I finally sat down and drew it.


Embroidery progressed nicely.  See all on instagram under #greenrainartembroidery 


Illustrated Journal journey continues too. I still find it fun, and in a way therapeutic.  See all on instagram under #greenrainartij



So yeah, this was my week. Looking forward to the next and hoping to be productive without being overwhelmed.


Have a wonderful week everyone!




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