Goodbye April: Week 4 and May Plans

April flew by even faster than March, it seems. It was busy, full of interesting assignments, challenges and new information to absorb.

Lessons I learned this month all come down to one simple truth : Do not overdo it. I felt overwhelmed with all the things I took on, I hurt my wrist by not taking a break after hours of drawing…I know I say it every month and then overdo it again, but seriously, May will not be as crazy.


  1. Pastel ((See all on instagram under #greenrainartpastels ):

This week I only did one pastel painting- for the art challenge. I am very happy with the result.


I did total of 8 pastel paintings this month and most I am quite happy with. I am more or less aware where I am lacking and hopefully will have opportunity to practice more in May. Plans include weekly drawing with instagram group and at least one more practice on my own on weekends.


Watercolor: I have completed doodlewash challenge and feel like I mostly did my best. Some drawings I enjoyed better, but again, happy with the majority of them.

This weeks drawings:


Plans for May: I am not doing a daily challenge in May, but doodlewash has awesome prompts again, so I’m saving those for inspiration. I expect to incorporate watercolor in my MATS class drawings, and do at least one weekly watercolor piece. There was a sad lack of gouache this month, so hopefully more gouache adventures in May. I want to continue exploring folk-style drawing and hopefully I will get a chance

Colored Pencils and drawing from life (see all drawings I am doing for this flashmob on instagram under#greenrainartfromlife):

This week’s theme was “Teapots” so here’s one of mine:


May plans include: Continue with weekly colored pencils sketches, incorporate in MATS assignment whenever possible

52 weeks illustration challenge /marker drawings: I had so much fun drawing this month, I did a weekly drawing to keep my marker skills current and feel like it was enough.

This week’s sketch theme was “Long-haired animal”.


May plans: Hopefully continue with illustration challenge and do it in markers exclusively.

Digital drawing and MATS courses: I very much enjoyed April assignment for Make Art That Sells Bootcamp. I shared my final drawing last week. This week I concentrated on the first out of five units for MATS A course. Which was “Bolt Fabric”, the assignment proved to be much more challenging than I thought. I did ok with the main piece (I think), but coordinating designs were so difficult, I kept drawing and drawing and it was no good. In the end I think I managed to pull it off, but still not completely satisfied. Granted it is my first experience to create something that can be a fabric in the future, so I hope to practice more and get better and better. (my MATS adventures can be seen on instagram under the tag #greenrainartmats). I did most of my sketching by hand, some coloring in gouache and finished it all digitally on my iPad. My bolt fabric assignment can be found along with my classmates’ fabulous work at MATS gallery


May plans: Oh boy! I will have another assignment for bootcamp (Lilla did promise an easier one) and a special one for MATS A. I am hoping to dive in the new unit too (Home Decor) and stay on top of all the assignments. Hopefully I can do it.

Lettering: I competed poetry quote challenge and I am glad I did it. I realized that I have a long way to go before I can say I am confident in my lettering. Some media was easier, some harder. Systematic, daily practice helped I think, and I had fun. (See all on istagram under #greenrainartlettering)

This week’s handwriting:


May plans: No challenge this time. It didn’t take a long time (most of the time), but it did add up and i didn’t feel it was productive to spend this much time without proper practice with worksheets and reading on the subject. I will letter for MATS probably anyway.

Embroidery progresses nicely, I enjoy it and am stitching faster, I think. See all on instagram under#greenrainartembroidery . May plans are basically : continue 😀

This week’s progress:



Difference from the beginning of the month:


100 day challenge: My purely “color theory” challenge transformed into “palettes and collages”, I confess I enjoy it much much more than strictly theory reading and exercises and I do feel I understand color a little bit better. May plans: I am not sure yet if I will just do collages and palettes (and other prompts) for the rest of the challenge. I don’t want to abandon theory entirely because, however boring it can be with those endless swatches it is something I NEED to get better at… I’ll probably do fifty-fifty. (See all on instagram under #100daysofgreenrainart.)

This week:


Illustrated journal progresses nicely, I enjoy it, it is a welcome conclusion of my day most of the time. Will continue in May

This week:



Take a look at April

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

To sum up my May intentions:

Three main priorities:

I am planning to concentrate heavily on Make Art That Sells course, since it’s the most demanding AND limited time.

Second area I want to really work on is Pastels, especially since I have a workshop coming up in July and want to be able to at least keep up. More pleinairs if possible.

Third is Gouache.

Weekly: Colored pencils drawing from life, watercolor, markers for 52 weeks illustration

Daily: journal, embroidery and 100 day project.

If possible: acrylic, papercutting (I miss it so much, but carpal tunnel is a horrible thing and won’t let me, as soon as I heal I will have another go)

Hope May is magical for everyone!




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3 thoughts on “Goodbye April: Week 4 and May Plans

    • Anya says:

      Thank you, ❤️ I will look into your methods. Doctor diagnosed, yes, it is usually better after a few days of rest, sleeping in a brace and exercises for my wrists. Better now, I try to pay attention and not overwork it.


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