APRIL 2017: Week 3

Another busy week, new things learned, new ideas popping up every day, very exciting.


Let’s take a look:

  1. Pastel (See all on instagram under #greenrainartpastels): I didn’t have a prompt from instagram community this week (break for Easter) so I ended up doing only one painting this week – a corner of my husband’s hometown. I really wanted an excuse to draw more colorful houses and I got what I wanted, I suppose. I wish I could take a trip just for drawing…maybe when the kids are all grown up…


2. Daily watercolor went well, I did mess up one of the paintings (the dog) and a bicycle was another challenge, but overall I am happy with how most of my sketches turned out.


3) 52 weeks illustration was done in markers again. I am falling into a mice phase, I think. The theme was “Experiment” and a curious Lab Rat popped up on my page:


4) Color theory studies for 100 day project (See all on instagram under #100daysofgreenrainart.) I was a bit less diligent in terms of reading the theory. But I suddenly discovered the beauty of collage and ended up putting together tissue-paper images using palettes provided by one of the color groups I follow. Who knew it could be such fun.


5) Make Art That Sells courses: I have finished my April Assignment for MATS Bootcamp. It was a very hard but very exciting exercise of creating an editorial mind-map of courage. I worked very hard on it, combining gouache icons with digital background (drawn on my iPad with Procreate app). I am quite happy with the result.


I also started MATS A class which talks about 5 different industries that purchase artwork. My first assignment is to create bolt fabric design and it’s so new to me. I am working hard sketching icons and hoping to be finished with this part of the class within the next week.

6) Lettering (See all on istagram under #greenrainartlettering). I am not sure I love how it is going so far. Since it’s probably the least of my priorities this month, I think I am not trying as hard as I probably should…but we had some fun quotes this week, including my favorite Mary Oliver.


7) Drawing from life for Sketchflashmob (see all drawings I am doing for this flashmob on instagram under#greenrainartfromlife). This week’s theme was “tomatoes” and I had a chance to compare this year’s sketch with the ones from last year, and 2015. All are drawn in different media, this time it’s colored pencils, watercolor in 2016 and markers in 2015. I am glad to see the progress.



2015(markers)-> 2016 (watercolor)->2017 colored pencils

8) Embroidery progresses nicely, I am ending up taking photos of details now, the big picture gets too large. I enjoyed stitching critters and flowers this week.  See all on instagram under#greenrainartembroidery 


Last, but not least Illustrated Journal. I had fun with collage in it too, but did some also watercolor and quick pen sketches. See all on instagram under #greenrainartij



Next week looks just as busy if not more, with lots of new info to process and more art created. Hope next week is awesome for everyone!




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