September 11- September 17, 2017

Another week is over. Art got done, we even went through all our commitments. I am still struggling with my hurt back, but definitely on the mend.

Let’s take a quick look at this week’s artwork:

  1. Pastel ((See all on instagram under #greenrainartpastels ):

Two paintings this week. The one for instagram flashmob (to be published there on Tuesday). We were to draw a foggy landsape, I was thinking about my beloved Golden Gate park in San Francisco (even though it doesn’t have a river like that) all the while.

Green rain art foggu landscape pastel

all these greens are so calming

My second painting is owl. We are planning to go on a bird walk in a couple of weeks and last time we went we spotted a family of owls up on the tree

Owl in the meadow green rain art pastel

this one is however is among flowers 😀

2. Folio Focus goes well, I am having a tremendous fun with it (see all works under #greenrainartff17 hashtag on instagram) This week we worked on lettering and did a piece with a special trendy palette.

the world is yours Anya Kopotilova folio focus

I am in love with floral motifs

Your Soul is a garden _Anya Kopotilova_foliofocusweek2

love pink, gray and mint green combo

The process for the main design can be seen here

This was another version, done digitally, I rather like it, even if it’s not in a required palette


I really enjoyed drawing flowers for this one

Please see all final drawings for this class on a special page  .

3. Watercolor/gouache

I did a warm up exercise for this week on the go in watercolor

watercolor bird illustration green rain art

this birdie popped up a lot during my mats home decor class 😀

I am falling back in love with gouache! This piece was also done as a part of Folio Focus

gouache floral green rain art

it was actually done before the digital version

My other gouache this week was created for 52 weeks illustration challenge. The theme is “Queen” and the idea for this one came to me the night before I drew it. I actually dreamed a whole series, hopefully I will be able to execute it soon.

Queen of the night gouache Anya Kopotilova

isn’t she lovely? I am very happy with how it turned out

4. Markers: I did another drawing for 52 weeks illustration challenge (all drawings for this challenge can be now seen under #greenrainart52w tag on instagram). The theme of last week was “Printing” and I couldn’t help thinking of first marks the birds leave on a fresh snow. I was very happy to see it picked for the week’s roundup on 52 weeks illustration blog. It has been 5 times I was featured so far, out of 36 weeks.

first footprints green rain art

this part of winter I definitely adore

I made one more marker drawing to celebrate the cooling of the air and to finish the sketchbook 😀

coffee autumn marker sketch green rain art

one more favorite thing 🙂

A quick flip-through video for this sketchbook (which ran from April 2016 through today) can be found here

5.  For #greenrainartfromlife I did two drawings again

The popcorn was for the previous week

popcorn colored pencil green rain art

for this week we drew figurines ( I don’t actually have any besides this birdie)

porcelain figurine drawing green rain art

love the blue on this one

One more digital drawing this week is The Pumpkin Cat

pumpkin cat illustration green rain art

inspired by my own sly cat Senya


6. Guess what? #greenrainartembroidery  is back! i did a flower each day this week and it feels so so good to be back!

the embroidered garden green rain art

so much fun to be back!

Illustrated journal was a spectacular failure, started well, but didn’t keep it up in the main book, although I did make thumbnail sketches. But I think it will be more fun to see them all together when the month ends.

Plans for the next week:

Continuing with Folio Focus, starting Illustration unit in MATS A, only two weeks to go until my live Children’s Illustration Class.


Have a lovely week, everyone!



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