September 18-24, 2017

Wow, what a week, commitments overload and domestic troubles left me gasping for breath. Art became my “quiet place”, and though it’s a lot of work it also provided a sense of “normalcy” .

Let’s take a look:

I had to skip pastel and missing it so much, like a big gaping hole in my week…fingers crossed I can find time and strength to make a couple of paintings this weekend.

Drew a quick watercolor sketch from life (see #greenrainartfromlife  for more), this one was not for sketch flashmob (in fact I missed a week because I couldn’t venture out to search a pomegranate to draw)

cosmos watercolor green rain art

I love cosmos flowers, so sweet and delicate

Make Art That Sells (my MATS adventures can be seen on instagram under the tag #greenrainartmats):

I was working on preparations for my final assignment for MATS A- Children’s Picture Books illustration, working on cats and lettering


I made an illustration for 52 weeks illustration challenge (all drawings for this challenge can be now seen under #greenrainart52w tag on instagram), the topic was “Jump” and of course it’s an autumnal delight of jumping into leaf piles

jumping into a leaf pile green rain art illustration copic markers

I loved doing it as a kid

I re-started my 100 days challenge! I couldn’t bear the thought of not completing one this year, so this one will take me all the way through the end of December. I decided to break it up into “doable” chunks of, say, 20 days per theme. First 20 days are all about folk art in gouache. (see all on instagram under  #100daysofgreenrainart and folk art specifically under #greenrainartfolksketch hashtags)

I mostly concentrated on flowers (using Imagine a Forest by Dinara Mirtalipova as a subjec guide), and a little gingerbread deer slipped in as a part of holiday cards preparation

folk art flowers gouache green rain art

gingerbread deer gouache drawing greenrainart

autumn folk art gouache green rain art

folk art flower composition gouache greenrainart


Folio Focus was all about geometrics this week (see all works under #greenrainartff17 hashtag on instagram), I love wearing those, but not very fond of drawing it. However, by the second half of the assignment I was quite happy and having fun.

Anya Kopotilova Folio Focus week 3

trying to keep botanic “feel” to this collection

Sareka design template

this one was done with “city life” in mind, keeping it somewhat busier and interlocked

Please see all final drawings for this class on a special page  .

#greenrainartembroidery – Embroidery garden gained a few more flowers, I didn’t do it every day, but “most of the days” seems good enough at the moment

embroidered garden september green rainart


Hope the final week of September treats everyone well!




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