May Week 1 and Week 2

I can’t believe that we are almost halfway through May.

Life is crazy once again. A huge chunk out of May so far has been wiped clean by the virus I had a misfortune to take. Being so sick didn’t help with having a smooth and organized life, that’s for sure. I am still not 100% well and forced to really take it easy.

Let’s take a look at the work done during the first half of May.

1)Pastel (See all on instagram under #greenrainartpastels ):

I made two small drawings one for the art of pastels “draw along” project.


and one more, which I actually really love as a part of a mini warm up for Make Art That Sells Bootcamp


2) Make Art That Sells (my MATS adventures can be seen on instagram under the tag #greenrainartmats): We were drawing roses in various forms during the first week of May, I absolutely loved the assignment. The main assignment is due on the 22nd and I am in process of finishing it right now









3) I drew one illustration for “fairy-tales marathon” with one of Russian online art school,  there are a few more lessons to be completed, I hope I have time for at least some. This one is Ivan Bilibin study, drawn with markers (I am still not positive it’s the correct choice of material, but it was teacher’s choice)


4) I fell behind with my 52 weeks illustration challenge, but caught up with the first week of May today


5) Also fell behind with drawing from life, again had to catch up to the previous week this Saturday. (see all drawings I am doing for this flashmob on instagram under#greenrainartfromlife):


6) My drawings created for Young Voices of Colorado stage decorations served their purpose on Sunday. I, sadly, wasn’t there to see them hung up, but my husband took a picture. I got tons of compliments from students’ parents later on, I am glad I got to do this project for them. It was a lot of work, and it wasn’t a paid work either, but such a wonderful challenge. I hope YVC asks me again sometime.



7) I missed three days of stitching and 100 day project. And I decided not to catch up now.

For 100 days project ((See all on instagram under #100daysofgreenrainart.)I did collages with “purple smells like…” and “colors in the garden” themes


For stitching I completed 3 months already, adding new elements every day ( See all on instagram under#greenrainartembroidery )



three months of stitching

Illusrtated journal progresses as always (I did miss 3 days also, but drew entries when I could) See all on instagram under #greenrainartij





So here are my two weeks. Plans for the next week include completing MATS Bootcamp assignment and starting preparing MATS A assignment for special review.

I want to catch up with the challenges I was neglecting and continuing with new week’s assignments. I hope to do pastels.

Here’s to a lovely week, everyone!




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