Goodbye May +June plans

And just like that, May is over. I am glad summer is nearly here, although not looking forward to the heat.

Let’s take a look at May accoplishments and talk about June plans:

  1. Pastel ((See all on instagram under #greenrainartpastels ):

One final painting in May was a somewhat of a failure. I was really excited for the reference, but pressed for time, made a huge mess too. I decided not to redraw it and keep it as a reminder to make time for art. Total number of pastel paintings this month is 6.


Plans for June: continue with instagram challenge, continue drawing on my own. At least one plein-air, I hope. I also hope to read up and prepare for a workshop I have coming up in July.

2. Watercolor: I haven’t done the challenge this month, but I used watercolor for my MATS exercises and overall made 6 works, not counting art journal. Discovered QoR watercolors and fell in love with the vibrancy.

Plans for June: doodlewash challenge, looks very summer-y, and as much as I want to do it, I will have to pass this month again 😦 MATS is very much of a priority. I will however keep the list in case I actually do have the time.I hope to draw in watercolor a lot for MATS though, and even try to squeeze in a plein air or two.

3. Colored Pencils and drawing from life (see all drawings I am doing for this flashmob on instagram under#greenrainartfromlife):

I only did two drawings due to the sketchflashmob being off for two weeks. Hoping to continue my weekly drawings in June.

4. 52 weeks illustration challenge /marker drawings: I continue to enjoy drawing for 52 weeks challenge (and happy to say I was featured in admin picks three times now  – twice in April and once last week (1, 2, 3) I enjoy doing these weekly challenges very much.

Other than my weekly illustration, I just did a daily flashmob for summer, total 8 themes offered by instagram sketcher

I showed some drawings last week, here’s the remainder. You can flip through all 8 themes on instagram 




5. Digital drawing and MATS courses  (my MATS adventures can be seen on instagram under the tag #greenrainartmats):

I think I had a pretty good result for my May assignment. This time I got to play with most of my ideas and loved every minute of it. I am still waiting to see how the journals will turn out, but I am very happy with what I learned. I completed an assigment for June (fingers crossed it gets picked for Live Review, but I’m ok even if it doesn’t) . The main challenge was collage on a large surface and working in mixed media in general. I am still not positive it’s something I will do in the future a lot, but we shall see.

I learned how to make a repeat pattern without a computer, I got really excited about the possibilities that opened to me with this skill.


I am so looking forward to June assignment for MATS Bootcamp, especially since we will be challenged by drawing people (yikes, but also yay!), I am hoping to dive in “Gift” section of MATS A course, or perhaps Home Decor (a live course for HD is scheduled for August, maybe I should hold out until July so it all stays fresh in my mind?)

I want to establish a regular practice of creating at least one “portfolio piece” per week alternating indistries perhaps. I want to learn to work faster too. Big ambitions, haha.


6. Embroidery progresses nicely,although I did miss a few days. See all on instagram under#greenrainartembroidery .

Progress comparing to April

7. 100 day project ((See all on instagram under #100daysofgreenrainart.) I enjoyed making collages dedicated to a specific color (also missed whooping 10 days out of the challenge, yikes about that). Overall, I enjoy working with a specific color, but probably enjoy palettes little bit more

Will continue in June

This week’s creation:

IMG_4518 IMG_4545

8. Illustrated journal continues as usual (See all on instagram under #greenrainartij)

Final three of May


Will continue in June.


My art was a part of my children’s choir concert. I am so proud and honored to have been trusted with this project.

RedBubble shop is now open!


Lettering challenge looks very tempting for June…also will do if have time .


Overall thoughts for May- even though this month was crazy hard especially because I got very sick with flu, I consider it a success. I think I did a good job with all aspects and grew a little as an artist.


Here’s to a great June!

May week 1 and 2 post

May week 3

May week 4





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