Goodbye February: Month’s Round-Up

Looking back on February I am not sure I have succeeded in dialing back, the moment I put one project on hold, another pops up. Let's take a look at what I've created this month and plans for the month of March:  1) Watercolor: Since I picked up Doodlewash challenge I did a small watercolor … Continue reading Goodbye February: Month’s Round-Up


Week 3 of 2017

What a busy and productive week it was! Let's take a look day by day: Monday was snowy and cold, which in turn inspired a simple digital painting, which I like especially after super bright drawing of the last week. Tuesday was, as always all about pastels. @artofpastels group had a lovely reference, which was … Continue reading Week 3 of 2017

October Art

October just flew by. I got a little overambitious and took up so many art projects, it was starting to stress me out a little, but most of them were successfully completed and I learned a lot from them. First of all I wanted to share some October beauty, which was such an inspiration for … Continue reading October Art